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I don’t know about you but my screen time is off the hook. Yep, guilty as charged. I’ve turned off the news because the Covid-19 coverage is… well… let’s just say, hardly motivating… So, I’ve found myself consuming news through my phone or tablet so I am more in control of the things I read, and in turn more in control of my mindset in these underwhelming times.

What I have noticed though is a switch in the content that is being published on Instagram, it seems more raw, authentic even. Gone are the events and overseas holidays, gone are the weekends away and the over editing of images. It seems that as the world has slowed so has the spread of the ‘just doing it just for the gram’ mentality and I’m ALL about it.

It’s also given me the opportunity to connect with some pretty epic #GIRLPOWER accounts who have re-affirmed that this is a time for growth, a time to shed the layers that once made us a version of ourselves that maybe we didn’t love or need as much as we once thought.

Our high-flying jobs were lost overnight, our overseas holiday plans were cancelled with no re-book date in sight, our children are now homeschooled and leaving the house has become illegal. So, our power right now is to come out of this better than we went in, to slow down, to master an art and find connections in a new way that we never dreamed of.

These accounts will help you along the way because Beyonce said it best when she asked the question… WHO RUN THE WORLD? Women, just like you obvs.

For the executive @futurewomen
Helping women connect, learn and lead.
It’s the place to find and follow next-generation Australian innovators, a homage to all things good in the world, positive quotes to keep your motivation pumping and women making a difference. LOVE IT.

For the new mum @ashleygraham
New Mumma and the ultimate poster girl for loving the skin you’re in Ashley Graham has amassed a huge following of 10.8M and from her content, it’s not hard to see why. She is relatable and raw in her approach; she talks about the issues that plague us as women and lets you know that you are not alone in your feelings (which is sometimes all you need to hear in those times of uncertainty). Her podcast Pretty Big Deal Pod will leave you feeling motivated and she has sat down and picked the brains of some pretty cool people like Jay Shetty (the motivational master) to my ultimate style crush Rose Huntington – Whitley, drool…

For the adventurer @kalenthorien
Kalen gives me all the feels, because she is out there doing the things I am too terrified to try. Her photos are an adventurers playground of snow, dessert and her exploring this amazing world. If you ever needed the motivation to do more then this account is a must to follow (Plus she has a really cute dog, so I’m sold)

For the dreamers @nikkitagill
Do you ever read something and think ‘damn, that was written for me?’. Well, Nikita Gill seems to do that for me every.single.time. She is one of the most successful Instapoets of our generation and her words offer strength to women, lovers and everyone in between. Use it for a little motivation or as a reminder of how powerful you are.

For the empowered @thefemalehustlers
A mirid of Girl Power quotes that will get you pumped for your next interview or motivate you to speak your truth. These quotes are short and sharp but they’ll leave a lasting mark on you.

Remember social media is mainly a highlight reel, no one’s posting their failures. It’s important to keep following the accounts that make you feel amazing, teach you something or connect with you on a deeper level and we think this list is a pretty great start!

Hit the follow button (oh and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!)

The future IS female!

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