Our Partnerships

With a vision to create a more equitable world for women, we’re building a community and partnering with like-minded charities to enable this.


With 1 in 4 women experiencing some form of violence from an intimate partner we knew this was a movement that we as a business needed to support.

Did you know we lose 1 woman every hour in Australia to heart attack, that’s 24 a day to a condition that is 80% preventable. We wanted to support Her Heart to improve women’s health outcomes.

One Roof

One Roof is a community platform and virtual network that’s dedicated to help members who are entrepreneurial women to build thriving businesses and provide resources and support along the way.

freelancing gems

Stella partners with Freelancing Gems to help support women at work to get seen and be rewarded fairly. Watch the Power online masterclass replays – co-created by Stella and Freelancing Gems.

women's agenda

Stella teamed up with Women’s Agenda to launch a 6-part podcast series: It Takes Boobs. The series explores stories of resilience from women across industries and celebrates strength and grit through a lens on gender stereotypes.

the parenthood

Stella joins The Parenthood alliance to help prioritise support for parents, children and families across Australia and create a better future for working parents. Because it’s only when parents are supported children can thrive.

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