The 20 Essentials Every Stella Woman Should Have in Her Car

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If you’re anything like me it is a weekly occurrence that I am running late from work to a dinner meeting or to catch up with friends, I’ve planned to go home, freshen up and change my clothes from work but that isn’t always the case.

Especially if you travel quite far from work, or if you actually work from your car as part of your job description. 

I learned from my early years as a Real Estate agent that it is ALWAYS better to be overprepared than underprepared when it comes to the essentials you may need and what sticky situations you might find yourself in without them. 

Check out the top 20 essentials #StellaApproved.

Spare tire/carjack/lug wrench
If you haven’t had a flat tire in your life then you are very lucky but for most of us, especially on city roads, this is a more current occurrence than we would like. If your tire blows then you need to be prepared, sure you may be able to drive to the local tire man but the longer you drive on a flat the less chance there is they can just repair it and it might be the difference between you having to buy a whole new tire or not. The other not so ideal situation is that it’s nighttime and there isn’t a repairer open so learn how to change your own tire just in case you ever run into trouble. Most cars will have a car jack and lug wrench already placed in the boot under the carpet so make sure you check before you go out and buy them. While you’re there check your spare tire is pumped up and in good condition in case of a tire emergency. Don’t forget Stella also offers roadside assistance, read more about it on our homepage.

Flashlight/small set of screwdrivers
Keep these in your boot in case you break down or your battery runs out at night, most mobiles are fitted with a flashlight now but if you have no battery on your mobile that flashlight will be your best friend. Keep the screwdrivers handy for any little jobs in the car that require a quick tighten, there even great for if something falls down the side of the seat.

First aid kit
Sure, the chances of you cutting your finger in the car are slim to none, but as a driver, you should always be prepared in case of a medical emergency, plus you might just need a band-aid one day. As the professionals say, safety first! Check out the K156 Softpack First Aid Kit which is also on sale at the moment. Winning!

Jumper leads
Probably up there with the best $30 ever spent these Jumper Leads will come in handy if you ever leave your lights on or the door ajar and run out of battery. Plus, they might come in handy for a passer-by or friend, I’ve used mine multiple times, they are a total must (and super easy to use).

Owner’s manual
Always keep that bad boy in your glove box that way you have all the details of the car plus help you out if something breaks.

Phone charger
Having no phone battery gives us anxiety, there are some great chargers that plus into your cigarette lighter port (or for newer cars most will come in-built) this will ensure you have enough battery to listen to your Spotify, find your way on Waze and also have enough juice to get you through the day. Also, make sure you buy a dock to rest your phone in, it’s now 5 demerit points and a $344 fine if you get caught touching your phone. Ouch. Check them out on the JB Hi-Fi website.

Think spills, eating on the road, flu season, and if your boyfriend breaks up with you.

Money, honey.
Don’t go leaving your life savings in your car or any change in your cupholders where it’s visible to any would-be thief’s. Just leave a little coin purse in your glove box in case you need it for a parking station, a window cleaner guy at the lights or if your wallet gets misplaced or stolen.

An umbrella

It’s sometimes 3 seasons in one day so it’s best you come prepared for rain, hail or shine! Pack an umbrella in the boot to ensure you stay dry.

Change of clothes 
Ok well, maybe just a jumper or denim jacket, something versatile you can throw on if the weather changes or you are out later than expected.

Flats to wear while driving
A lot of us wear heels to work but it’s super unsafe to drive a car in them so keep a cute little pair of ballet flats under your car seat that you can drive in. They are also great if you take a detour after work to friends and don’t want to teeter in heels while hanging out.

Perfume and deodorant
Keep a roll-on handy to keep yourself feeling fresh all day and a spray of perfume in between meetings or after work before your day is a must! Please note: Do not use an aerosol to store in the car, it gets SUPER hot in there and an aerosol could blow the whole car up. Roll on in life.

Sun protection
They don’t have to be your favourites but keep a spare set of sunglasses in the car for those days that are glary and evenings when the sun is shining on your face. In the warmer months, it’s also a great idea to keep some sunblock in the car for any adventures or beach days you might find yourself on.

Breathe mints 
Because fresh breath is a priority. Always.

A mini cosmetic case 
OK, ladies, don’t go crazy here but a little case with a smaller second supply of your favourite concealer, foundation, mascara, blush and lip gloss will save you if you’re ever in need of a little touch up in between meetings or for an after-work date you’re running late for. Trust me you will 100% need this little emergency kit one day.

Period protection

We’ve all been there. Pop a couple of tampons, hygiene wipes and pads in the glove box in case our ‘friends’ decide to visit a little earlier than expected. Periods aren’t always predictable, but that doesn’t matter because you’re prepared for anything, right?!

Hair ties
Perfect for your after-work jog or also to take the hair away from your face on a hot day, we just always need them, there is actually nothing more annoying than not being able to find a hair tie, keep a pack in the car and you’re ready for anything!

Change of underwear
Because we don’t always put the cute ones on in the morning when we get ready and sometimes by the evening we really need the cute pair (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) or the monthlies visit and you aren’t prepared and you’re wearing white. Spare undies are as important as a spare tyre – Fact.

A pen
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve received an important call, answered it on my Bluetooth the operator has asked me ‘Do you have a pen’? I’d be a millionaire. Keep one handy there will always be a time in a driver’s life that you need one. Plus it’s a great way to get your number to the cute guy at the lights…

Hand Sanitiser
Because, well, Corona.

Now your car essentials are sorted, check out our car insurance by women, for women

Prep for success with Stella! 

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