Let’s dance to a different tune!

Insurance for women, by women


Who is Stella?

This is an ‘About Us’ page that’s really all about you!

It’s with your help that Stella is going to challenge some of the male dominated industries in Australia and send conventional thinking into a spin. We’re a company that was founded by a woman, is staffed by women and works for women. Together, we’re going to unleash a surge of female energy and innovation that will establish a new order of equality and opportunity for all of us.

And we’re starting with car insurance.

This business has been out of balance for years with most of the products designed with men in mind.

But why?…

Women account for more than half the drivers on the road. And most household buying decisions are made by women.

It makes no sense. So, we’re changing it.

We took an unusual first step. We sat down and talked to women about what they actually want out of a car insurance company. We listened to their needs, their concerns and their ideas.

Then we sat down with a clean sheet of paper and designed a policy that was born from those conversations – a policy that will save money and reward you for safer driving, a policy that is simple to understand and which you can switch to easily and quickly, a policy that is flexible enough to suit every stage of life, a policy that will leave you feeling safe and secure.

In other words, a policy specifically for you. For womenBut we haven’t stopped there.

In launching our #StellaSquad program, we have committed to giving a share of our profits from car insurance to female entrepreneurs. We want to help them dream big and then help make those dreams come true.

Because you’re Stella.

Our Founder

Sam White, Director and CEO

At 24, I rebuffed conformity and set up my first insurance company, acutely aware that it was traditionally considered a male-dominated, almost-sterile industry. The irony wasn’t lost on me…

Over 20 years, I’ve built a number of businesses in the UK, turning over in excess of GBP 18 million (AUD $35 million) and employing over 200 people. I believe in building businesses that work for everyone: the people they employ, the communities they operate in and the customers they serve… I passionately believe that we need more women in this environment, in the financial services sector, and in politics. Why? Whoever controls the money makes the rules. Which leads me to Stella; a brand that’s rewriting the rules…

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Our Team

Renee Cosgrave, General Manager
Renee Cosgrave, General Manager “What Stella means to me”
As a mother of two little girls, Stella has been my opportunity to teach them that women can succeed in a world of business that has been built by men, for men. My working career has been in male dominated industries which have always led me to believe that I couldn’t have a career and kids, but I sure have shown them! Stella has given me the opportunity to have both, while providing me with flexible working and a nurturing environment for not only it’s staff but also its customers. I feel so fortunate to have been able to build a business from the ground up that is changing the face of insurance for women and supporting other female entrepreneurs to build their dreams. Stella means the world to me; I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!
Lisa Clark, Content Producer
Lisa Clark, Content Producer “Why I believe in Stella”
I was lucky enough to come on board with Stella as their content and social media guru and it’s been such an epic adventure! Firstly, being a part of a start-up that is changing the insurance sector is so exciting, every day we are looking at new ways to empower our Stella tribe which in turn empowers us. We’ve tailored our policy offerings with a female friendly approach, plus changed the usual beige insurance marketing so that it speaks to our community, YOU! The fact we have a hand in helping female entrepreneurs start their dream businesses just feels good for the soul! At Stella, we are mums, aunties and sisters, but above any of that we are strong women who want to see each other and our customers succeed in every way. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?!

Stella Squad

Stella Squad

We’re not just about cars and accidents, we’re here to support women in their own ventures too.

We believe that a world with more female businesses will empower us for generations to come, Stella is committing a portion of our profits to support female-led businesses helping them build their dreams. On top of that, we’ll do everything we can to help promote these women, and their chosen pursuits, through our Stella marketing channels and partners as well as supporting them with our amazingly talented networks for mentoring and advice.

We’d love to hear from any female-founded businesses with an expression of interest to be part of #Stellasquad. One of the Stella team will then be in touch to talk to you further about your amazing business and how we can get involved.

Simply complete the form with your details and tell us a little about your business and how #StellaSquad would be beneficial to it.

Watch this space ladies!

Love Stella x