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Stella teamed up with Women’s Agenda to launch a 6-part podcast series: It Takes Boobs. The series explore stories of resilience from a diversity of women across industries. Through the voices on different vulnerable topics, taboos and expressing views of what it means to be a strong woman, the podcast series is an anecdote to celebrate strength, resilience and grit of women across the world, providing a shifting lens on gender stereotypes.


It Takes Boobs Podcast series

Listen here:


Episode 1: Sarah Walsh talks ‘women in sport’

Episode 2: Antoinette Lattouf on Postnatal Depression

Episode 3: Wendy McCarthy and Career 

Episode 4: Ashlee Donohue talks ‘Family and Domestic Violence’

Episode 5: Balveen Ajimal talks Women’s Health/ Endometriosis

Episode 6: Samantha Gash on being an endurance athlete


Women’s Agenda is Australia’s leading news hub for professional and entrepreneurial women. Their content focuses on business, politics, career, lifestyle, sport, health, finance and leadership through the lens of savvy women. Agenda Media is a growing independent media company, and one of few in Australia that’s 100% female owned.

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