Working from Your Car? We’re All About That Freelance Life

16th Jun, 2020

Check out these top apps to make your life that little bit easier while you’re on the road.


If you freelance, you’ll know all too well that your office is a constantly ever-changing environment. You have to be nimble and adapt to any situation thrown at you. Like when I had an urgent deck to get across to a client and my phone wouldn’t tether so I parked myself outside a local pub to tap into their WIFI without even leaving the car. #FreelanceLife


Along the way, I’ve been lucky enough to find some pretty epic apps and programs to ensure I am on top of my freelance game from the car, from home or from pretty anywhere (that will let me tap into their free wifi obvs)


Check out my favourites here.


What a godsend this cloud storage is, you can access your files, images, projects and anything in between from your phone or laptop at any time making it the perfect partner for anyone on the move. It’s super easy to use, collaborative and has plans dedicated to suit every size business no matter how big or small. Files sync instantaneously from upload, standard plans start at just $21 a month and that gives you a HUGE 5,000 GB of space. It’s organised and streamlined by business creating efficiency I could have only dreamed of.


Office Lens
‘Hey, can you please scan that document and get it across to me’…. Those are the words a freelancer never wants to hear, especially during Covid-19 when your trusty local Office Works is closed. Luckily Office Lens turns your phone into a scanner with the touch of a button, it can even convert images to editable world and PowerPoint files. Don’t worry about losing business cards in the car anymore, you can just use the ‘Business Card Mode’ in the app which will extract contact information and save it directly into your phone’s address book. How good.


Am I the only person that turns the radio down when I’m looking for an address? Because concentrating. Obvs. Let that be a thing of the past because Waze is your new BFF. The app saves you so much time by delivering you through your Bluetooth real-time and traffic updates from a community of actual drivers on the road. If a route is heavy in traffic it will also take you alternate ways to get you to your destination quicker and without the stress of traffic jams or roadworks. It also tells you when police are ahead or if you are about to drive past a speed camera, I think everyone needs a little Waze in their lives.


Video conference calls from anywhere, anytime? Sign us up. (we only wish we bought shares in this company pre-Covid because this tool is blowing up!) You can have up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 view-only attendees in one ZOOM session. You can also record your video calls send the file to people who may have missed the meeting. Genius, right?!


Now you’re on time, organised and ready to seize the day, there’s just one thing missing… Parking! That’s where Kerb comes in. Think Airbnb but for parking spots. Kerb allows people with available driveways, reserved parking spots or garages to rent out their spaces to other members of the public. Prices vary dramatically and are set by the renter – a locked garage near Sydney’s CBD can go for $60 a day, while other listings charge $5 an hour depending on where you plan on parking.


At Stella we’re all about making life easier, just like these apps we’re trying to change the game and disrupt the system to make life easier and more


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