Why Our CEO Sam Whites Mission to Create Equality is More Important Than Ever.

The best quotes from our Stella Series in 2021

Who Were the Losers of this Year’s Budget? It’s Quite Simple Actually… Australian Women.

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It was no surprise this years budget was defined by the coronavirus crisis, but for women who have been affected there is no immediate assistance, while male dominated industries such as construction have had huge boosts in funding. The facts are simple, women have been the hardest hit during the pandemic and even with more people working from home, women are still doing the lion’s share of domestic duties and caring, which is compounded by childcare centre and school shutdowns. Women over the age of 55 are also now the highest age and gender demographic experiencing homelessness and it is only going to get worse with the withdrawal of Super early to cover the cost of living during the pandemic.

The Gender Pay Gap Is Totally A Thing…. So, Pay Us What We’re Worth.

Can we start by saying, nothing bad happens when women receive equal pay as their male colleagues.


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