Meet Sam White our CEO

23rd Jun, 2020

At 24, I rebuffed conformity and set up my first insurance company, acutely aware that it was traditionally considered a male-dominated, almost-sterile industry. The irony wasn’t lost on me…

Over 20 years, I’ve built a number of businesses in the UK, turning over in excess of GBP 18 million (AUD $35 million) and employing over 200 people. I believe in building businesses that work for everyone: the people they employ, the communities they operate in and the customers they serve… I passionately believe that we need more women in this environment, in the financial services sector, and in politics. Why? Whoever controls the money makes the rules. Which leads me to Stella; a brand that’s rewriting the rules…

It’s been a labour of love, building this brand and business out in collaboration with our female customers to (hopefully) give them a much more intuitive and rewarding experience when it comes to car insurance.

Ultimately though, our purpose is much bigger than changing the insurance game. Our plan is to change the game, full stop.

We plan on using a percentage of Stella customers’ premiums to help fund the next generation of female-founded businesses. With this vision, we will be supporting 10 new start-ups by 2025. And we welcome that you – our customers and our media partners – spread the word and help us support and celebrate women.

Because at Stella, we genuinely believe you are Stella exactly as you are.

Love Sam x

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