The Best Parenting Books That Deserve A Spot On Your Beside Table

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So, you’ve made it, you’ve given birth (congratulations) and now you’re in the new phase of parenthood… Sleep-deprived, washing baby vomit off your favourite jumpers and changing SO MANY NAPPIES. 


Being a new parent is exhilarating, and while bringing you so much joy, it can also be terrifying at the same time.  There is SO MUCH advice out there for new mums it’s hard to know where to start. A simple search of ‘parenting books’ on Amazon will give you over 60,000 results, sheesh, so much advice – which brings us back to our main thought, so much advice, so little time. 


So, we thought we’d do the hard yards for you and compile a little list that will cover some of the topics you might be facing right now to save you time, and get you back to your baby that is bound to wake up any second now… 


This article isn’t just for new mums though, nope, if you’re part of the parenting support crew (eg aunties, cousins, godmothers, friends) then this round-up of the best parenting books will be a great ‘just because’ gift for the new Mumma in your life – because your hormonal BFF or family member is going to need some extra loving around this time. 


So, without further ado check out the best parenting books that deserve a spot on the beside this year. 


For the mums looking for a short read, with lots of laughs 

Where the Wild Mums Are – By Katie Blackburn 


The day Mum didn’t get dressed and went on strike, Dad called her ‘a Wild Thing’ and Mum said ‘Cook your own dinner’ and stomped off upstairs to have a bath . . . 


An entertaining tribute to Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are, a worn-out mum floats across time and space to the place where the Wild Mums are. This light hearted, but meaningful story is a celebration of mothers within the bigger context of womanhood; from Conga lines and cocktails with the girls to story time with her wildlings, we know every mother can relate.


Lovingly illustrated by the award-winning Sholto Walker, this little book is the perfect gift for baby showers, new mums – or any mum who’s ever wanted to go on strike.


Also, worth a notable mention Go The F*ck to Sleep, we’ve linked it here too. 


For parents who like their partner (and want to keep it that way)                        

How Not To Hate Your Husband After Kids – by Jancee Dunn


A hilariously candid account of one woman’s quest to bring her post-baby marriage back from the brink, this part memoir, part self-help book will provide you with life-changing, real-world advice. It’s hard to put down, the book can’t take the rubbish out but it might just help to save your marriage. 


For the Anxious Mumma   

Mind Over Mother: Every mum’s guide to worry and anxiety in the first two years – by Anna Mathur 


This book is a warm and accessible guide to understanding, acknowledging and addressing anxiety in motherhood. In Mind Over Mother, Anna Mathur, psychotherapist and mum of three, explains how to:

•          Understand anxiety, why it affects you and what to do about it

•          Make your mind a kinder, calmer, happier place to be

•          Transform your motherhood experience by addressing your thinking


With conversations about Maternal Mental health on the rise, this book will empower you to speak up about the way you feel, and give you strength in knowing other mothers are going through the same feelings as well. 


For The Mum Who Is Feeling Pretty Overwhelmed 

Reluctant Adult – by Katie Kirby 


Perpetually overwhelmed? You’re going to love this new book from Katie Kirby, creator of parenting blog Hurrah for Gin. 


People pleasing, feeling less than from Instagram and social anxiety. Welcome to adulthood! From the worry spiral that keeps you up at 3 AM, to maintaining a professional aura when you can’t stand other people – this is for everyone struggling to stay afloat.


For the Mum Who Is Beyond Sleep Deprived

Save Our Sleep – by Tizzie Hall 


A parents’ guide towards happy, sleeping babies from birth to two years – can we get an AMEN! The author Tizzie Hall has gained an international reputation as a baby whisperer and miracle worker, she has since developed a series of sleep routines that have provided parents and babies with a good night’s sleep the world over. ‘Save Our Sleep’ comes highly recommended from our own GM Renee Cosgrave, who is the mother of two young girls who swears that this book is the must-have book for new parents. 


We hope these books are a gentle reminder that you are never alone and that every new parent at some point struggles with what the hell to do next, hopefully, these books will give you the pep talk you need or some ideas on how to take on the challenges that come along with your new little human. 

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