The Stella Expert Series: The Mistakes Females Make When Buying A Car And How To Avoid Them

Our CEO Sam White is a force to be reckoned with. She is a born leader who is driven and powered by a desire to fundamentally change the insurance industry for the better. She is currently the founder and CEO of five very successful businesses globally; Pukka Insure, Action 365, Freedom Brokers, umbrella company Freedom Services Group and most recently, Stella Insurance which makes her the perfect addition to our Stella Expert Series as our buisness expert. This month Sam shares with us her Top Tips For Conquering Major Hurdles When Starting Your Own Business.
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Stella Motoring Series: The 101 of Safety Features in Cars by Motoring Expert Elise Elliott

Their names are hard to keep straight, but they will keep you between the lines and even brake for you. And more tech is coming.

When buying a new car it’s easy to get bamboozled by so-called “specs”. There’s so much jargon it’s difficult to know what’s important: From cylinders, displacement, kilowatts, torque, transmission and cargo volume to turning circle. Throw in an array of acronyms — like ESC, ABS, AEB, LSS to BSM — and it’s no wonder many of us throw up our hands when purchasing a new vehicle, and say: “Whatevs. I’ll just buy the red car”.

It pays, however, to know your car’s safety features. They not only help you, the driver, survive a crash, but hopefully avoid one altogether.

So, here are some terms and tech you shouldn’t overlook when buying a new vehicle.

Video Series: The 5 Ways Flip The Script During Your Next Car Service

Ladies, have you even felt uncomfortable or felt overwhelmed during your car service? Don’t worry, us too! So this month for our Stella Expert Video Series we’ve entrusted our Motoring Expert Elise Elliott to give you the tips, tricks (and confidence) you need to ask all the right questions during your next service.

Money-Saving Car Hacks to Cut the Cost When You’re Buying a Car

Cropped shot of a young woman relaxing on the hood of her car on a road trip

Aussie TV Presenter Liv Phyland has a genuine passion for promoting and fostering positive health and wellness in teen girls. Before getting her first job in TV 11 years ago, Liv completed an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and then became a Qualified Health Coach after studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. During her years on ABC3 and The Loop, Liv was inundated with messages concerning well-being. Issues including; eating disorders, mental illness, stress, study, work-life balance and more. It was then Liv and her BFF Teigan Nash, set out on a mission to help equip females with the tools and confidence they need to navigate these, at times, extremely challenging but formative years. With that… Girls Who Glow was born!


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