What the Budget Means for Women in Australia

Group of activists with holding hands protesting in the city. Rebellions doing demonstration on the street holding hands.

On Tuesday, May 11th the Federal Government handed down its latest and highly anticipated, budget. Last year, we saw the government spend big on tax cuts, infrastructure and encouraging business spending, with the challenges facing women in the midst of the pandemic almost entirely left off the agenda.

This time around, things are slightly brighter for women in Australia. Childcare subsidies, greater investment in domestic violence support and amended super rules are some of the key changes helping to improve women’s economic security.

But has the government gone far enough to redress gender inequality in Australia? Let’s find out.

The Gender Pay Gap Is Totally A Thing…. So, Pay Us What We’re Worth.

Can we start by saying, nothing bad happens when women receive equal pay as their male colleagues.


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