May is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Let’s Stop it from the Start

As parents and adults, we only want the best for our children and the next generation as a whole. But this is an unnerving time in history for everyone. During the pandemic, we saw Domestic Violence quadruple, with women and children stuck at home with no relief. We saw the burning question of consent in school’s playout as 200,000 school students signed petitions for consent to be taught at a younger age and many of those students (mostly female) came forward with their own harrowing stories of sexual assault at the hands of their male “friends” or boys they knew from neighbouring schools. With the facts and statistics so readily available it is time to ask yourself if you could be doing more to understand the cycle of violence and in turn teaching the next generation about the importance of self-control, consent and speaking up when you see toxic masculinity.

The Stella Women Series Featuring Moo Baulch

The Stella team met Moo and some of her colleagues from WAGEC a couple of months ago and there were immediately synergies between their goal to end gender-based violence in a generation and what we at Stella are committed to achieving as a business.

Stella was born to be more than just an insurer; we believe that we can make meaningful change through education, support and empowerment that will give women the tools they need to make informed choices and amplify women’s voices for generations to come. We’re delighted to be able to use our voice in promoting WAGEC’s work to drive positive social change and help them to shine a light on the underlying structural causes of domestic and family violence, homelessness and gender inequality.

45 Women Have Died This Year from Violence. We Refuse to Keep Letting History Repeat Itself.

Three mixed races women with their back turned embracing each other. They wear a white dress

In 2019 we lost 63 women, in 2018 it was 71 and in 2017 it was 55. With six weeks left of 2020, it is inevitable the 2020 numbers will undoubtedly continue to rise.

On Monday morning Celeste Manno, just 23, was murdered in her family home by a man she worked with, her mother was home at the time of the attack, but it is reported there was nothing she could do to save her daughter… Celeste is the 45th known victim of violence against women in Australia in this year.


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