Supporting Local Australian Pet Businesses: Shopping for Your Pets in Your Community and Beyond

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In today’s world, convenience often takes precedence in our busy lives. With the advent of online shopping, it’s become easier than ever to get everything we need at the click of a button.

However, amidst the hustle and bustle of our digital lives, it’s super important not to forget the charm of supporting local businesses, especially when it comes to caring for our furry family members.

Having said that, we know some pet parents are time-poor so we’ve included some of our favourite Aussie online pet stores for you to shop from too.

So, get ready to discover the wonderful world of local Aussie pet businesses for you and your favourite furry friends.

Check Out Some of the Female-Owned Aussie Pet Businesses We Love 

Sam & Dani: Dog & Human

In 2018, the dynamic duo of Sam and Dani, both passionate travellers and devoted mums to a bustling household of five kids, three dogs, and a horse, joined forces to create Dog & Human. Starting with the vision of crafting the most opulent leather dog poop bag holders, their venture has blossomed into a splendid assortment of handcrafted dog leads, vegetable-tanned leather collars, and stylish printed scarves. With a deep-rooted mission to aid canine charities, Sam and Dani are dedicated to ongoing projects that provide assistance to dogs in distress. We’ll be eagerly tracking their journey every step of the way!

Jessica Knight: Outback Tails

Outback Tails, is an eco-conscious pet accessory brand deeply influenced by the beauty of indigenous art and a strong commitment to aiding Australian wildlife.

Their exquisite collection encompasses lavish leather collars, cosy dog beds, and eco-friendly dog toys, all paying homage to indigenous art and the diverse native flora and fauna. Jess collaborates closely with the Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu in crafting these products, ensuring that artists receive a 10% share of the proceeds from items featuring their work. Additionally, a portion of sales goes toward supporting Australian native wildlife organizations, including the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Suz Delev: Sebastian Says

Suz is the visionary behind Sebastian Says, a pet brand that embodies bohemian luxury. Pioneering the art of macrame in the realm of dog accessories, Suz’s passion for interior design and indoor plants ignited the inception of Sebastian Says.

Drawing from her expertise in crafting plant hangers, Suz ingeniously crafted a dog lead for her charming pup, Sebastian, whose modelling prowess and fabulous, swept-over fringe you absolutely must witness. As this distinctive lead garnered ample attention on the streets, it marked the birth of a burgeoning empire in the world of dog fashion.

The Sebastian Says collection has since expanded to encompass a wide array of walking gear, clothing, home decor, and lifestyle products. Among their offerings, the iconic Liberty dog shirt range, as showcased in Vogue, holds a special place in our hearts.

Dog Groomers and Pet Salons

Pets, just like humans, deserve a bit of pampering now and then. Your local dog groomer or pet salon is more than just a place to get a trim; it’s a hub of expertise in pet care and aesthetics. These professionals understand your pet’s unique requirements and preferences, ensuring a stress-free grooming experience. Plus, supporting local groomers means you’re investing in the livelihood of skilled professionals right in your neighbourhood.

Pet-Friendly Cafés and Bakeries

Want to enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack with your pet by your side? Many local pet-friendly cafés offer a welcoming environment for you and your furry companion. Some even have special pet menus with delectable treats, ensuring both you and your pet have a delightful time. It’s a fantastic way to bond with your pet and socialise with other pet lovers in your community.

Pet Trainers and Behaviorists

Pet training is essential for ensuring your pet’s safety and well-being. Local trainers and behaviorists are invested in helping you and your pet build a strong bond while teaching valuable skills. They understand the unique challenges of your area, making them well-equipped to address any specific issues your pet may have. Whether you’re dealing with puppy training or behavioural problems, these experts are there to guide you and help you out with all your puppy problems!

Pet-Focused Farmers’ Markets

Many local farmers’ markets feature pet-focused vendors offering everything from handmade pet accessories to organic pet treats. These markets not only support local artisans and small-scale producers but also provide a fantastic opportunity to discover unique and healthy products for your pets. It’s a win-win for both you and your community.

Veterinary Clinics with a Heart

Your local veterinary clinic plays a pivotal role in your pet’s health and well-being. Choosing a local clinic means you’re contributing to the overall health of your community’s pets. These clinics often offer personalised care and a sense of belonging that is hard to find in larger, corporate facilities.

Pet Adoption Centres

Thinking of expanding your furry family? Local pet adoption centres are the perfect place to find your next four-legged companion. These centres work tirelessly to rescue and rehome animals in need, and your support directly contributes to their mission. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re giving a homeless pet a second chance at a loving home.

If you’re a time-poor avid online shopper, don’t worry, we’ve got you! Check out some of our other favourite online pet boutiques to buy from Australian-wide.

  1. The Furry Nomad

 Pet travel essentials that aren’t just practical but designed with style in mind. The Furry Nomad understands the everyday challenges that come with being a pet parent, and they’ve curated a chic and functional collection to address them all. Rain, hail, or shine, their products ensure that you and your four-legged friend are always at your absolute dog day best.

  1. Mog and Bone

Mog & Bone, born from an Australian family’s deep affection for their pets and a passion for the latest fashion and homeware trends, understands that your pets and their accessories play a prominent role in your homes and because off that they’ve created a coordinated range of accessories that mirror current homeware and interior design trends while providing your beloved pets with the luxury they adore.

  1. Gummi Pets

Proudly female owned and 100% for dogs, Gummi stands as a reinvention of a business originally established by Natalie Asseraf dad Monty in 2003. Gummi embodies a spirit that is lively, whimsical, and daring, exuding an array of vibrant colours, positivity, and boundless optimism—qualities that resonate perfectly with Nat’s vibrant personality.

“The most cherished gift I’ve ever received came in the form of my furry companion, a Cavalier King Charles called Wally, a present from my late father,” Natalie reflects. “The instant sense of community and connection that owning a pet brings is truly heart-warming. I’m captivated by the way people’s faces light up when they speak about their beloved dogs, and the privilege of creating products for our four-legged furry friends fills my heart with joy each and every day.”

  1. Leadr Pet

The brainchild of Asha Dillon, the female founder and CEO, Leadr embodies her unwavering mission to establish a vitamin company founded on clean, effective products, with sustainability at its core. At its core, Leadr is a science-driven, all-natural supplement brand for pets created by Asha and her team who wanted pets to have access to the same level of care as people. We love to see it!

Supporting Australian pet businesses is more than just a shopping trip; it’s an investment in your community and the well-being of your pets. These businesses offer a level of care and personalisation that larger, online retailers simply can’t match. So, the next time you’re shopping for your furry friends, take a stroll through your community (or head online) and explore the Pawsibilities of local pet businesses—you might be surprised by the treasures you’ll find!

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