Five (Aussie) Female-Led Startups To Watch

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Australia’s startup ecosystem is brimming with pioneering companies that aren’t afraid to do things differently or challenge the status quo. 

But for women looking to break into the startup ecosystem and make their idea a reality, the entrepreneurial path isn’t straightforward. The latest stats from Deloitte Australia reveal that only 22% of Australian startups are founded by women, with just 0.7% of all private equity start-up funding in FY22 going to solely female-founded teams. 

Even in these difficult circumstances, courageous female founders are launching and scaling businesses that are championing the needs of women. We’re proud to be shining a spotlight on five powerhouse female-led startups that are driving change for women across Australia and beyond. 

Ready to be inspired and celebrate Australia’s pioneering female founders? Let’s dive in. 

Female-founded startup 1. WIRL

Ready to transform your mental well-being and heal your relationship with food?

WIRL is the dynamic female-led startup that’s making waves in the world of mental health and nutrition by combining intuitive eating with gut-brain science. 

Founded by two passionate food and mood experts, co-founders Alicia and Bree are on a mission to help women reclaim their relationship with food and our bodies. 

What sets WIRL apart is their holistic approach. They offer more than just recipes and nutritional advice. Through their innovative food and mood meditations, they provide mindful moments of self-care that not only boost brain power but also bring a sense of calm to your digestion.

Plus, WIRL offers nutrition challenges to support women through various life stages, such as breaking free from burnout and mastering our menstrual cycles. 

Female-founded startup 2. Gheorg

Did you know that one in five children in Australia faces diagnosable anxiety?

Founded by Dr Louise Metcalf, a seasoned psychologist with over 30 years of experience, Gheorg empowers children with essential skills to enhance their mental resilience, emotional awareness, and social literacy.

Anxiety can pose significant challenges for children, affecting their academic success and ability to form meaningful relationships with their peers. That’s where Gheorg steps in, making the process of learning these crucial skills enjoyable and engaging for kids.

Through a fun, interactive game, kids gain accessible expert guidance to help them check in on how they’re feeling, unwind with breathing exercises and build confidence by identifying their strengths. 

Female-founded startup 3. Femmi

Elite female runners and co-founders Lydia and Esther believe that women should be able to have a positive relationship with orur menstrual cycle. It’s why they launched Femmi, a femtech coaching platform centred around teaching women to harness the power of their hormones and menstrual cycle. 

Femmi is a groundbreaking platform that delivers personalised running and strength coaching, creating customised training plans to empower women to embrace their full potential at every phase of their cycle.

With a team of experienced female trainers, running coaches, and medical experts, Femmi is committed to leading, inspiring, and educating female athletes in a holistic and healthy approach to training. Expect everything 1:1 running coaching to the Femmi Run Club, bringing together likeminded women across Australia and New Zealand.

Femmi is on a mission to change our mindset when it comes to working out on our periods and by providing knowledge and support, they’re inspiring women to become the fastest, strongest version of themselves. 

Female-founded startup 4. Circle In

Circle In is a purpose-driven start-up founded by Jodi Geddes and Kate Pollard. Their digital-first employee benefits platform supports caregivers and managers at every life stage.

Embracing the power of technology, Circle In provides on-demand access to expert advice and resources, boasting an impressive library of over 700 data-backed resources developed by global HR experts. 

From caring for the elderly to navigating the joys and challenges of planning a baby, Circle-In is designed to help companies build family-inclusive workplaces. 

The platform also empowers managers to provide tailored support to the caregivers on their teams through thoughtful conversation guides and timely reminders, fostering empathy and understanding. With Circle In, employees no longer have to choose between their careers and caregiving responsibilities.

Female-founded startup 5. The Very Good Bra

The Very Good Bra has created the world’s first 100% plastic-free and compostable nursing bra. 

Founded by Stephanie Devine, a passionate advocate for sustainability, this B Corp-certified company is revolutionising the way women think about bras while making a positive impact on the planet.

The Very Good Bra specialises in underwear made from botanically sourced materials like organic cotton, natural rubber, and cellulose sewing thread. By prioritising eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, they ensure no toxins are created. 

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, The Very Good Bra also donates a portion of their proceeds, and now you can choose who the donation goes to!

These female-founded startups are just a handful of the incredible businesses making waves in Australia (and beyond). While access to funding and support might be lagging behind, these female founders are powerful examples and role models for female entrepreneurs who want to do the same.

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