Easy Life Admin Tips For Every Life Stage

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For many of us, life admin seems to be one of those words thrown around a lot, yet something we rarely stay on top of. Our pace of life has accelerated to a speed where finding time to pay bills, book appointments and run errands can seem almost impossible.  

So why do we struggle to get on top of our life admin? Well, research shows that, on average, we tackle 109 life admin tasks per year, from paying bills and attending social events to scheduling health visits and planning household meals.

As women, we can find ourselves shouldering a disproportionate burden of life admin tasks (even at work). A recent study from the Harvard Business Review also found that in the workplace, women are 48 per cent more likely to volunteer for “non-promotable tasks”, such as stationary orders and planning office events, meaning women take on a lot more admin than our male coworkers.

Plus, outside of work, you’ve got competing demands on your time, where you’re juggling being a friend, partner, mother, daughter and business chick all rolled into one. 

To help you take the reigns of your to-do list, we’ve rounded up the top life admin hacks you can use in every stage of life that’ll help reduce overwhelm and stress. Ready to dive in? 

No matter what life stage you’re at, we’ve got a stack of practical tips to help you out, lady.

Life admin hacks for your 20s

Your 20s can be a pretty chaotic and messy stage in your life. A time for late nights,  moving out of home, finding friends, starting a new job and ultimately learning about yourself. It is thrilling and terrifying all at once. You’ve got unique skills to learn, a social life to maintain, and a new career to take charge of.

And amongst all this, life admin plays a big part: keeping track of bills, new rental agreements, and taxes is only the beginning. Here are a few life admin hacks you’ll need to thrive in your 20s and ensure you’re enjoying yourself simultaneously!

  • Create an “Important Docs” folder. You can create a folder with Google Drive or iCloud for easy online access. You’ll want one you can update and add to over time. Your important docs folder will contain identity docs (passport, ID, birth certificate), insurance policies, rental agreements, and employment contracts.
  • Do you have super in multiple places? After switching jobs, you might find your super has been spread across different accounts. You can consolidate your super through the MyGov lost super finder, making it easier to maintain as you get older.
  • Procrastination can be at its highest during your younger years. You’re trying to figure things out, getting distracted by social media, or you’re just generally tired from the experience of life. You can beat procrastination by using the 2-minute rule. This rule helps you keep track of your tasks, focus when needed, and avoid overwhelm.

Life admin hacks for your 30s

Your 20s can feel like a whirlwind. In a blink of an eye, you’re in your 30s, but now you’ve got a decade of life lessons behind you. Being in your 30s doesn’t mean everything needs to fall into place miraculously.

You’re still young and learning every day; it’s a time in your life when you start to accept yourself fully and make life choices that feel right for you. Below are some handy life admin hacks to feel like you’re on top of everything.

  • Get really good at budgeting. Budgeting is an essential life skill. Not only does it help you plan for things like holidays, buying a home and purchasing fun gifts, but it also enables you to track small purchases that could be adding up over time, along with bills that are too high or missed payments.You can use the 50/30/20 budget: 50% is for your needs, 30% is for your savings, and 20% is for your wants. This will ensure you appropriately plan for rent, bills, savings, and leave some room for unexpected purchases. This life skill will help you track your finances monthly to plan for things like holidays, buying a home, and purchasing fun gifts without feeling like all your money is going towards bills.
  • Review your insurance and utilities rates each year. Being proactive and checking if you’re getting the best deal can save you stacks of money. Plus, it gives you a chance to critically assess whether the products and services you’re paying for are still relevant. If your lifestyle changes, your insurance should change with it!
    • Do you have insurance on your car?  With Stella Insurance, you can compare, save and switch in a few easy clicks (and it’s run by women for women!).
  • If you have a home loan, it’s a great idea to work with a mortgage broker to check you’ve got the best interest rates. Don’t be afraid to ask for help with your finances.
  • Time away from work is essential. In your 30s, you’ll want to prioritise time away from your desk, whether an overseas trip or a home-away-from-home vacation. You can do this by planning holidays at the start of the year to get the best prices for flights, accommodation and transport.

Life admin hacks for your 40s

Life has thrown a lot of curveballs at you over the past 40 years, and it’s been one heck of a journey getting where you are now. Whether you have kids, a mortgage, live overseas, run a business or all four, you’ve got a lot more on your plate than in previous years.

Your 40s can feel daunting and stressful, but it doesn’t need to be this way. You’ve got more knowledge, more strength and can embrace yourself, unlike anyone else. So to make this milestone enjoyable, we’ve got our top tips for tackling life admin in your 40s.

  • Start to delegate household chores more effectively. If you’ve got spare hands in your house, you can ensure your family contributes to a healthy, clean, and happy home. You can use family apps to help keep track of different tasks.
  • Take charge of clutter. If you’ve started working at home a lot more, you know that keeping your space clutter free is essential to productivity. After a time, we accumulate lots of bits and bobs we don’t necessarily need. Schedule a spring clean every month to keep your home feeling fresh!
  • You may have written up your will or intend to soon. You can streamline this process with tech tools like Willed (a digital Will service that can be completed in minutes).

Life admin hacks for your 50s+

Entering your 50s is an incredible milestone. You’ve collected amazing life moments and have a lot to be proud of. Women in their 50s can celebrate family and business success, reflect on their life journey and be content with a shift in their mindset.

You move into your 50s with fearlessness and a new sense of strength. You’ll now understand different aspects of financial wellness, maintaining a tidy home, keeping up healthy relationships and more. We’ve rounded up some of the top life admin tasks that help you thrive into your 60s. 

  • Ask for help with tasks that keep piling up. By now, you’ve probably nailed your day-to-day tasks. You feel efficient and on top of most things, but when it comes to laundry day, household cleaning or filing taxes, it can feel like you never have time to tick them off.Hiring someone to help with these tasks gives you more time to connect with your family and frees up your energy for work and social life.
  • If you’ve got monthly or quarterly health checks, booking them a few months in advance becomes much less stressful. Make sure to check in with your doctor or naturopath early on in the year to make sure they have slots available for you.
  • Hitting your 50s means you’ve most likely thought about retirement, super and boosting your finances. Create a financial plan, live within your means, manage debt wisely and make the right decisions about your insurance.
  • Take a course on using different life admin tools. In our digital world, it can feel overwhelming to be blasted with apps and websites that are “supposed” to help. Use sites like Udemy or Skillshare to give yourself a better chance at tackling your life admin without feeling overwhelmed.

And that’s a wrap! When it comes to life admin, the best way to feel like you’re ticking off those mundane but essential tasks is by simplifying and streamlining the way you do them. Whether it’s finance, health, work-related, or family orientated, you can still find time to complete all your life admin and enjoy life at the same time.

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