In Case You’re Wondering, These Are Our Favourite Mums to Follow on TikTok

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Thought TikTok was just for cool teens and celebrities?  Well, think again … What started out as a lip-syncing app popular with teens has quickly turned into the most downloaded app in 2021 thanks to Covid.

TikTok has created so many amazing, niche communities and it has given a platform to diverse and unique content creators from all over the world and now parents are flooding the social media platform by the millions to show their take on parenting and providing some much-needed entertainment for those of us stuck at home.

The quick 15 seconds to one-minute-long videos are just the right length to have us rolling around in laughter or to pick up new skills from organisation hacks to getting major props from your children’s teachers about the way you’ve styled their bento box lunches.

The content is oh so real, compared to the heavily filtered grids on Instagram these days, and the algorithm really is something else. By just watching the videos you are into TikTok then curates a ‘For You’ page which will then serve you the content they think you like – so if cooking is you’re thing, you’ll be served a whole lot of 1 min TikTok recipes that you can master yourself at home.

The app really has grown in leaps and bounds so we wanted to share with you some of our favourite TikTok mums so you can laugh, learn and unwind after a long day with other mums who are there filing your screens with relatable (and in most cases hilarious) parenting content.

Let’s go!

Foodie Mums:

Katherine Wants, Randy Cooks


Celebrity Chef, Randy Feltis narrates while his wife devours his many recipes.  Katherines’ culinary prowess is shown more in more recent videos and in most videos she has her new born in her arms… And who said woman can’t do it all! Follow their foodie adventures as they cook hearty family meals, that will have you no doubt drooling on your screen.


Kids Eat in Color

Jennifer Anderson (not to be confused with Jennifer Aniston with the good hair) is a kid’s dietitian and a complete pro in getting kids to eat veggies by masking them look and sound more fun. Her recipes and tips and tricks will get even the fussiest eaters to the table. Plus, she even has a free picky eater guide – it’s a yum from us.

Jessica Sulhee


If the phrase “Let’s make some lunch for my kids” doesn’t resonate then you haven’t lived. Jessica’s lunchboxes for her two little girls are full of colour and ALL the deliciousness you want your children to be eating. If her incredible lunchboxes aren’t your thing then just follow her for her manicures – they’re super fab!

Organised Mums:

Winny Hayes


Gone are the days when a peanut butter sandwich was good enough for school lunch, and Winny Hayes has amassed 1.3m followers by giving her kids (and her own) lunchboxes n a new glow up with delicious (and clever) lunchbox ideas. She also has a heap of fun workout videos on her feed so you can work off those extra cookies you’ve been adding to your ‘lunchbox’ during covid.

Clean With Nessa


Nessa is young Aussie mum-of-two with more than 2.3million TikTok followers who tune in to watch her super satisfying home organisation videos. She has also produced an ultimate cleaning guide which includes her favourite ‘hacks’ of all time and her go-to cleaning ingredients which are all natural and probably laying in your cupboard right now.

Mama Mila


Mila is a Melbourne mum of two who is the queen of cleaning, styling your home and DIY’s. Her content is a fresh mix of hacks, tips and tricks that every woman needs! Her left over Lemon hacks and ingenious and when we can make a bed like Mila all will be right in the world. Mila is a must-follow!

Mental Health Mums:

Carolyn Dicker

Carolyn is an Aussie and your new dedicated mental health cheerleader. Carolyn has dedicated her large following on TikTok to raise awareness for mental health and is now also the founder of @motherhoodsquad, which aims to raise awareness and provide support for struggling mums. (Just quietly she’s the Stella girls’ favourite TikTok mum – shhh don’t tell anyone)

Families to make you smile:

Kate Bast


Kate’s TikTok is full of hacks, activities and recipes for the kids, her husband is also the master of DIY and shows off his epic skills on Kate’s platform too. Her hacks are relatable, and within 5 min of watching you’re like ‘Why didn’t I think of that earlier’! Make sure you check out her beach hacks, for any Aussie mum they’re a winner!

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