How To Turn Your Ambitions Into Reality

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We all have ambitions and big dreams. Some of us pursue them for a lifetime, while others let them slip away because they think their ambitions are impossible to realise or because someone has told them their ambitions are impossible. The beauty of ambition is that the prospects truly are limitless and every ambition is personal and unique.

So why do so few people follow their dreams and excel in their talents? The answer is a lot of times: fear for the unknown. The consequences of failure teamed with the unrelenting expectations of society is the biggest dream killer.

Ambition in most cases won’t pay the mortgage or buy those new heels you’ve been drooling about online, it sure isn’t going to pay the school fees, or put food on the table. But what it will do is ignite the inspiration, passion, and talent that you possess to help you to claim your power and find your inner happiness. You can spend your life making others happy, but when you forget about your dreams and ambitions, the regret rolls in. You have the power to change/amend/update your story… SO GET OUT THERE AND DO IT.

Big Results Require Big Ambition – Tumblr

Here are some steps you can take to turn that burning ambition into your new reality.

Lady, you’ve got to believe it.

There’s no point even reading on if you have doubts about your ambition… And have an honest chat with yourself, are you doubting how wonderfully capable and talented you are? Or is it the haters bringing you down? You can easily quieten the noise by putting actions in place to start toward your ambitious goal. Also, look to incorporate the Inevitability Mindset It’s not a fancy technique. It’s not a ninja trick. No, it’s a minor change in mindset. Within any system, the human element is always the weakest link because we are complex creatures. We have feelings. We have mood swings. We have limited willpower. All these factors can vary on a day-to-day basis. Some days you’re amazing at getting stuff done, keeping up with all your good habits and maintaining a positive outlook on life. Then there are days where you just want to lay in bed, procrastinate and eat ice cream while watching Netflix (which is totally fine too) but you have to flip the script and simply know and embrace that success is inevitable. It’s knowing that your business, product and you WILL be successful. You KNOW it will be successful because you created that mindset. What you think constantly is what you create. (Ps there’s a heap more about this on the net if you want to know more – it’s a total vibe)

Take daily action. 

Every single action you take gets you closer to making your ambition a reality. So, if you make a plan of what you need to get started start ticking that to-do list off daily. It can be something as small as starting a Pinterest board to get inspiration for your logo, or as large as chatting to a website designer to get a quote on what your website build will be. Either way, write it down and get it done. Procrastination won’t get you to where you need to be, and if you need more hours in the day – then make them. Get up earlier, sleep later. If you do one little thing each day to make your ambitions a reality then imagine what you’ll achieve in 6 months or a year!

Create space in your life to achieve your goals

Your life is currently being impacted by at least one type of clutter, so decluttering your life should be part of the plan. We all have too much of something

  • Technology – stop scrolling aimlessly on social media and start listening to motivational podcasts and reading more about the space you’re wanting to get into.
  • Stuff – Is it time for a spring clean of your space? Remember it’s just ‘stuff, perhaps look at the Facebook marketplace to sell the bits and pieces you don’t need and put that cash earned back into your goals or business ideas.
  • Schedule – Learn to say no. It’s OK not to be at every group catch up and family outing, prioritise your time and do what’s best for you.

Manage your expectations 

Let us straight up save you some bad juju… It isn’t all going to plan, and there are going to be some days that you just want to give up, throw in the towel and go back to a time you remember as ‘simpler’. But lady, you have to harness that as your maximum motivator, every time it gets too hard, I want you to remember why you started and how great you will feel when you get this ambition off the ground and into the real world. Drop your expectation of perfection, and set yourself free to pursue your big dreams.

Ask for help and outsource the things you don’t know how to do 

As much as most of us want to do EVERYTHING ourselves there should be zero hesitation in A) asking for support from anyone who has already succeeded in the field you are aiming at getting into and B) Outsourcing some of that to-do list and plan we spoke about earlier in the piece. It’s going to take you way more time to try and teach yourself something like ad words, and SEO when you can just find a pro on UpWork to help you get the job done. Reach out to your networks, most people are so down to collaborate.

You really can achieve anything, but only if you want it bad enough….

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