How To Maximise Your Annual Leave In 2023

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It’s an inescapable fact that burnout levels are on the rise and it’s particularly true for women, with a so-called ‘exhaustion gap’ affecting more of us than ever before

That’s why it’s so important to make sure we’re regularly scheduling time for ourselves to rest and reset so we can come back stronger and happier, and be more effective workers too.

Whether it’s a staycation or you’re looking to take advantage of the eased global travel restrictions, we’ve holiday-hacked your calendar to make it easier than ever to get enough vacation days on the books (and cross more than a few places off that bucket list).

Read on to find out how to strategically use 20 days of annual leave and turn it into a whopping 57 days of holiday in 2023.

January Annual Leave Dates

Saturday, January 21 – Sunday, January 29 2023

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably need a little me-time after the busy festive season. Settle into the new year with a little R&R in late January.

Because Australia Day falls on Thursday this year, taking annual leave on the surrounding weekdays will give you a nine-day holiday with just four days of annual leave.

Book off these dates:

  • Monday 23rd January
  • Tuesday 24th January
  • Wednesday 25th January
  • Friday 27th January

Keep it local 

With these never-ending La Nina’s certainly putting a dampener on some of our past few summers, to keep things sunny we suggest you head on up to Agnes Water & 1770 in Queensland. A few hours north of the Sunshine Coast, January is the perfect time to visit the Sunshine state. With coastal walks and water sports a-plenty, this one’s fun for the whole fam.

Think global 

If your Chrissy break is less about the school holidays and more about kicking back and taking a much-needed tech break then there’s nothing like spending some time on an archipelago island in the middle of the Atlantic.

Cape Verde has stretches of uninterrupted coastline and an intriguing landscape. There’s even an eco-lodge run entirely on sustainable energy, enjoy lantern-lit meals. Get back to basics and spend some time with yourself and your loved ones.

April Annual Leave Dates

Friday, April 7 – Tuesday, April 25

Take advantage of the Easter holiday and Anzac Day and take leave from April 11 until April 24. That’ll give you a whopping 19-day holiday, and only use 10 days of annual leave.

Take leave on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, April 11
  • Wednesday, April 12
  • Thursday, April 13
  • Friday, April 14
  • Monday, April 17
  • Tuesday, April 18
  • Wednesday, April 19
  • Thursday, April 20
  • Friday, April 21
  • Monday, April 24

Keep it local

Whether your holidays are usually more about culture and art or if you prefer to head out into the great outdoors, Mparntwe (Alice Springs) offers everything. With the annual Parrtjima Light Festival taking place over ten days in April, the oldest continuous culture on earth meets the newest technology in a truly extraordinary celebration. Still not sold? It’s free!

Think global

Is the buzz of the new year starting to wear off? Might be time to get your Wine Aunt on. We suggest a trip to Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico
. By April the desert heat hasn’t yet hit its peak but the sun is still shining brightly. This quiet region less than a few hours from the Tijuana border is quietly changing perceptions of Mexican wine, and who doesn’t enjoy being the first to put things on your friends radar? 

June Annual Leave Dates 

Saturday, June 10 – Sunday, June 18

With the Queen’s Birthday falling on Monday June 12 nab yourself a nine-day holiday by taking the rest of the week off.

(Sorry QLD or WA this one sadly doesn’t apply to you).

Book four days of annual leave on these dates:

  • Tuesday, June 13
  • Wednesday, June 14
  • Thursday, June 15
  • Friday, June 16

Keep it local

Looking for a low-key countryside getaway? Stanthorpe has been popping up on seasoned holidayers’ radars more and more over the past few years, but remains largely overlooked by the masses.

With a popping winery and brewery scene, it’s great for kicking back with friends, while the scenic drives and wildlife tours are perfect for families. Check out the prehistoric granite boulders and nature walks that open up the skies for panoramic views of the greenery that is the Aussie countryside. If you’re lucky you might even see snow!

Think global 

If your Instagram feed was inundated with pictures of whitewashed dome top buildings and crystal-clear turquoise waters last June, you’re probably already aware that Greece has been experiencing record-breaking tourist seasons. 

Hey, if everyone else is doing it, why not make the journey over to sunny Mykonos and escape the winter blues!

December Annual Leave Dates

Saturday, December 23 – Monday, January 1

We all know the silly season can sneak up fast. After a whirlwind of a year, and with all the time and preparation put into the holidays, you deserve all the time off you can get following Christmas.

Soak up that summer sun and keep the festive spirit going by turning three days of annual leave into a 10-day break in late December

Book these dates off:

  • Wednesday, December 27
  • Thursday, December 28
  • Friday, December 29

Want to keep the festivities alive? Grab yourself a 16-day holiday by taking off the rest of the week after Monday January 1.

Keep it local

If you ask us, there’s nothing more rejuvenating than a summer’s evening and Coonabarabran is the best place to really soak up the magic that is a rural night sky. Known as the stargazing capital of Australia and recognised as an International Dark Sky Park, make sure you get the clearest view by going in December when there are fewer clouds around.

Think global

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Rovaniemi looks like it’s been lifted right out of the pages of a children’s storybook. Up in northern Finland, it’s often referred to as Santa Claus’ home. With Reindeer and Husky rides as well as northern lights tours, this is a classic Chrissy dream for those of you looking for something a little cooler next year. 

Now that you’ve got your travel calendar sorted for next year, get ahead and book those days off ASAP. Because what’s better than that pre-holiday buzz?

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