5 Ways To Upskill & Kick Your Career Goals

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The stats reveal we’ll spend one-third of our lives (or roughly 90,000 hours) at work. That’s a heck of a lot of time to be spent doing one thing! It’s no wonder that we want to find ways to make our jobs as purposeful and rewarding as possible.

Whether we’re looking for a pay rise, want to score a promotion or simply new something new, there are stacks of practical ways to upskill. The best bit? It doesn’t have to involve a huge investment or committing to a multi-year university degree.

Instead, microlearning courses are giving everyone (particularly busy, time-poor women) the chance to learn something new on their own terms. The latest ABS data reveals that one in two Australians are taking work-related training courses online (more than double the rate from four years ago).

Ready to expand your skill set and broaden your professional horizons? Here are five simple ways to upskill in 2022.

Take a short online course

Want to learn the basics of coding? Wish you knew the secrets to run epic corporate events? What about mastering the soft skills you need to succeed in sales?

There are endless online learning centres offering incredible short courses in marketing, business management and everything in between. Many of these courses are free and self-paced, so you can tune in whenever you have time.

The biggest benefit to taking a short training course is that it allows you to cherrypick exactly what skills you focus on. Rather than spending months or years working towards a general qualification, these specific courses help you sharpen your skills in targeted ways.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favourite online course providers:

Join a female networking group

Gain insights, advice and support from like-minded women in business by joining a female networking group. These online groups are a fantastic way to connect with women across Australia (and beyond) and build your professional network.

Many of these networking groups run regular events, training sessions and masterclasses to bring members together and share valuable knowledge.

Plus, you can use member forums (such as Facebook Groups or message boards) to ask questions, bounce around ideas or seek support from fellow women in business.

Here at Stella, we’re proud to partner with two amazing female-founded networking groups: Business Chicks and One Roof. These brilliant companies share articles, resources, networking opportunities and virtual masterclasses with members to help you level up in your career.

Attend a masterclass or conference

In-person events are back, and we’re so here for it! While we love the flexibility of online, remote learning, there is nothing like the magic of being in a room with fellow women in business.

Across Australia, masterclasses, events and conferences are being held that are here to help you upskill and learn something new.

The team at Business Chicks regularly put on epic events, from inspiring breakfasts to incredible weekend retreats. Plus, you can easily find a range of industry-specific events and conferences in your local area by searching online, too.

Find a career mentor

Your professional network is a gold mine when it comes to professional development. If you’re looking to upskill in 2022 (and beyond), you need to prioritise building connections with those in your network.

A fantastic way to do this is to find a professional mentor who you can lean on for support, advice and insights. Whether you’re going for a promotion, applying for a new role or navigating a tricky workplace dilemma, having a mentor on-hand will help you handle these moments with confidence.

Consume career-focused content

There is an abundance of value-packed podcasts, books and free articles that can help you develop both soft and hard skills. From leadership lessons to public speaking tips, there are endless pieces of advice packed into free resources that you can easily access online.

To get you started, here are some of our favourite business podcasts to help you upskill on the go:

  • Lady Brains: a must-listen for anyone running their own business or thinking of starting a side hustle.
  • My Daily Business Coach: discover bite-sized lessons to further your career.
  • How I Built This: hear inspiring stories from founders and entrepreneurs across the globe.

And that’s a wrap! When it comes to upskilling and progressing in your career, there are easy, effective ways to learn new skills. From podcasts to mentors and networking groups, there are stacks of ways to build your skill set.

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