What Women Need To Know About Managing Their Money In Their 50s

Their names are hard to keep straight, but they will keep you between the lines and even brake for you. And more tech is coming.

When buying a new car it’s easy to get bamboozled by so-called “specs”. There’s so much jargon it’s difficult to know what’s important: From cylinders, displacement, kilowatts, torque, transmission and cargo volume to turning circle. Throw in an array of acronyms — like ESC, ABS, AEB, LSS to BSM — and it’s no wonder many of us throw up our hands when purchasing a new vehicle, and say: “Whatevs. I’ll just buy the red car”.

It pays, however, to know your car’s safety features. They not only help you, the driver, survive a crash, but hopefully avoid one altogether.

So, here are some terms and tech you shouldn’t overlook when buying a new vehicle.

Savvy Ways to Boost Your Super In Collaboration With Verve Super

We often think of Super as a ‘savings’ account that we can’t access. Our employers add our super contributions to our account, and we don’t think too much about it until we hit retirement. But, the decisions we make in our 20s, 30s and 40s can have a huge impact on the money we’ll have available when we retire. It can be the difference between surviving and thriving for future you.


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