Domestic And Mental Health Issues Are On The Rise… Here Are The Stats And The Ways You Can Help.

13th Aug, 2020

Mental health is already a huge issue in Australia with one in five Aussies aged 16-85 experiencing a mental illness in any year. Around 3,000 people die by suicide in Australia each year, making suicide the leading cause of death in Australia between people 15 – 44 and experts are warning suicide rates will continue to rise due to the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Domestic violence has also skyrocketed during the pandemic with one in ten women experiencing domestic violence, with two-thirds saying the attacks started or became worse when Covid hit. The government has also reported that searches via Google for domestic violence help have increased by 75%. And as of July 15th this year 30 women have been murdered in Australia by someone they were in a relationship with.

The Australian federal government has unveiled a 1.1-billion-dollar package to boost mental health services, domestic violence supports and emergency food relief. Initially, the package has been rounded out to $150 million to help people experiencing family, domestic and sexual violence, $74 million towards mental health support and $200 million to help charities that provide food relief services.

Some of the above statistics might frighten you, and yes, they are confronting, but it’s incredible to see that the community, businesses and charities are starting to come together to support one and another by raising much-needed funds to those who need them most and by normalising discussions around these sometimes taboo conversations.

Check-in on your neighbours, your friends at work, this is a trying time for communities and society as a whole, and with more time spent in the family home, this can be the catalyst for domestic violence. If you think someone might be in trouble reach out to 1800 – RESPECT for advice on how to deal with the situation.

Educate yourself, domestic violence doesn’t just extend to the burbs or to lower social-economic homes, this is a real problem, in every suburb in every state. The team at Impact for Women have an amazing website full of stats, personal survivor stories plus a mired of ways you can help either by donating your time or money. We implore you to check it out…

Purchase from businesses that are donating profits to women and children who are escaping domestic violence just like these made to order woven blankets and throws from the team at Thinking Club. Women’s Community Shelters have seen a 25% increase in inquiries for safe accommodation for women and children who are homeless or escaping domestic violence. Existing services were already at full capacity, with more than 50% of women seeking shelter turned away due to a lack of beds.

Across Australia, around 56,000 women are homeless each night, many with young children. Now, there are many more. Women unable to access shelters are left vulnerable, disconnected from community and support networks. Women’s Community Shelters is dedicated to providing women and children with a safe place to stay and an opportunity to rebuild their lives. The Thinking Club will donate $50 from every sale to support the Women’s Community Shelters.

Stella is also supporting you how we know best, and that’s by covering your car in the event of a domestic dispute. If your partner deliberately damages your car, we’ll cover the cost of the damages, so you can focus on getting yourself and your family to a safe environment.

Look out for each other, ask how your neighbours are doing and educate yourself on the impacts of mental health and domestic violence within our communities. Together we can make a change.

For help with domestic abuse contact the National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service on 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).

And Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 for any mental health issues you may be facing.

Any advice provided is general advice and does not take your personal circumstances into consideration. Please consider the Stella product disclosure statement (PDS) available at for the terms, conditions, and exclusions before purchasing this insurance. Stella Underwriting (ABN 72 633 811 319) is an Authorised Representative (AR 001282046) of Allstate Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 82 073 267 053, AFSL 239010) which is acting under an agreement on behalf of the product issuer, QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited (ABN 78 003 191 035, AFSL 239545
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We just don’t want to be another car owner, we want you to be the Charlie’s Angels of car care, so here at Stella we’ve researched some car hacks to save you time, stress and all of that cash money.

These 10 car hacks are cheap and clever so you can dominate your drives.


  1. Clean your hazy headlights using whitening toothpaste 

If you’ve noticed your headlights aren’t bright when your night driving it probably means they are due for a clean, soapy water won’t always remove the years of built up residue so here’s a hack to get them shining again.

  • Put the toothpaste on a clean cloth
  • Rub it onto your headlights in a circular motion;
  • Get some paper towel to further rub the paste into the headlights in a repeated circular motion;
  • Leave it for 10 — 15 minutes, go make a cup of tea;
  • Wash the toothpaste off with a cup of water and ta-da you are on your way to shiny (and safe) headlights again.
  1. Use silicone muffin cups to keep your cup holders gunk free and organised

I never carry change in my handbag so my cup holder is my go-to for storing my shrapnel for the morning coffee run. I also take my rings off before my gym classes and put them in my cupholders, but they aren’t very easy to find when I’m ready to put them back on, so this hack I’ll be implementing immediately. 

PS When the silicon cups do start to look a little grimy simply remove them and hand wash them in soapy water or throw them in the dishwasher.

  1. Use your seat warmers to keep your takeaway warm 

Look, we may not have included this hack pre Covid but takeaway has become a staple part of our lives during the pandemic because it’s a reason to actually leave the house! Plus with the food delivery partners like UberEats and Deliveroo taking a 30% cut on all orders a lot of us are prioritising picking up our own meals to ensure our favourite restaurants get as much cash as they can to stay in business. 

This one’s a doozy, simply turn on your seat warmers to maximum and lay your food on the seat. Saves you waiting for the oven to warm up when you’re home!

  1. Use a small stapler remover to claw open your key ring 

Why is it every-single-time I get a mani I have to remove a key from my keyring for some damn reason, and every time I think I won’t chip my polish – I do. 

Simply raid the stationery cupboard at work and borrow a mini stapler remover and use that to open the key ring, genius, right?!

  1. Remove those pesky Bug Splatters Using Spray Cooking Oil 

No road trip is complete without a myriad of bug splatters on your car (we know this isn’t cute, but it’s a thing) It’s easy to think a simple car wash or scrubbing them off will do the trick but you’re actually more likely to damage the paint than remove the issue at hand so the trick? Cooking spray, spray a bit onto the stubborn splatter, wait a few seconds then use a microfibre cloth to wipe the area clean.

  1. Fog Proof Your Windshield with Shaving Cream

With temperatures dropping foggy windows become a way of life, but having impaired vision while you’re on the road is big no – no so this hack is a sure fire way to reduce the fog and ensure you can see all of your blind spots and mirrors clearly. 

Simply dab a little shaving cream on a clean cloth and wipe down your windshield from the inside of the car, making sure you spread the cream evenly, you now have a super thin shield that will stop your windscreen from fogging while driving. You can try it on the other windows in the car too!

  1. Want to Know Instantly What Side of The Car the Petrol Tank is On? 

I’ve had my car 7 years and I still forget which side my petrol tank is on if I’m not at my usual petrol station. Plus, this is a great hack if you are cruising ‘round in a hire car. So which side is the petrol tank on? Well, the answer lies in a small symbol on your dashboard that you may have overlooked, there’s a little arrow or triangle near the gas gauge that will either point to the left or right. That little arrow is pointing to the side your tank is on, so now you know, and you’ll never have to circle to the other side of the petrol pump again. Livin’

  1. Use Shower Organisers hung from the seats to entertain the kids on road trips

While we can’t promise the old ‘are we there yet?’ won’t get asked a million times we can promise that pre organising things for your little ones to do on your next road trip will make the drive a lot more relaxed. Simply hang some clear shower organisers over the back seats and pack the compartments with toys, texters, crayons, pencils, colouring books and any wipes or snacks your kids might need along the way. Everything is now easy to find all in the one place; plus there’s less chance of things falling under the seats. Winning!

  1. Use pool noodles in your garage to stop you banging your doors on the walls of a tight garage space.

Once just an epic pool toy with hours of fun the Pool Noodle has a new found use, and it’s saving car doors everywhere! We have all had a garage space that’s hard to squeeze into and it’s easy to swing open the doors while wrangling kids and shopping causing damage to the car doors. So, this easy hack will save you on repairs in the future! Simply cut your pool noodles in half (long ways) and bolt them to the walls for effective bumpers, just a side note, it’s worth cutting a little extra off the noodles to place over the bolts you’ve just drilled so your car door doesn’t hit them either.

  1. Always forget where you’ve parked your car? Us too.

 It’s so easy to forget where you’ve parked your car when you’re in a different parking station or suburb. Seriously, there has been a million times when I get back to the lift and I’m sitting there thinking hmmmm was it B1 or B3? Actually, it could be B4…. Of course, each level is covered but I’m on my phone managing emails or texting back friends, I take ZERO notice. So now I drop a pin each time I park my car PLUS take a photo of the level I’m on. I haven’t misplaced my ride since!

There are a million hacks out there but we’re all about the ones that save you money on repairs and keep you moving to your destination.

Love Stella


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