Interview: Wellness, Workouts and Womanhood with Leah Simmons.

Their names are hard to keep straight, but they will keep you between the lines and even brake for you. And more tech is coming.

When buying a new car it’s easy to get bamboozled by so-called “specs”. There’s so much jargon it’s difficult to know what’s important: From cylinders, displacement, kilowatts, torque, transmission and cargo volume to turning circle. Throw in an array of acronyms — like ESC, ABS, AEB, LSS to BSM — and it’s no wonder many of us throw up our hands when purchasing a new vehicle, and say: “Whatevs. I’ll just buy the red car”.

It pays, however, to know your car’s safety features. They not only help you, the driver, survive a crash, but hopefully avoid one altogether.

So, here are some terms and tech you shouldn’t overlook when buying a new vehicle.

The Stella Women Series Featuring Life Coach and Co-Founder of Girls Who Glow Liv Phyland

Aussie TV Presenter Liv Phyland has a genuine passion for promoting and fostering positive health and wellness in teen girls. Before getting her first job in TV 11 years ago, Liv completed an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and then became a Qualified Health Coach after studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. During her years on ABC3 and The Loop, Liv was inundated with messages concerning well-being. Issues including; eating disorders, mental illness, stress, study, work-life balance and more. It was then Liv and her BFF Teigan Nash, set out on a mission to help equip females with the tools and confidence they need to navigate these, at times, extremely challenging but formative years. With that… Girls Who Glow was born!

The Stella Women Series Featuring Motoring Expert Elise Elliott

Elise was the perfect fit for our Stella Expert Series. Aside from being a game-changer in the motoring world, Elise is the epitome of a Stella Woman: She’s driven (excuse the pun), a master in her field and just an all-round legend.

We sat down with Elise to chat about her career, balancing motherhood and her favourite car career moments thus far.

The Stella Women Series Featuring Liz Dawes

We want to be the first to welcome you to the April ‘Stella Women Series’ and introduce you to the incredible Liz Dawes, a passionate community leader and businesswoman who founded the Robert Conner Dawes foundation after she tragically lost her son Conner to brain cancer in 2013. Liz has turned the tragedy of losing her son Conner into her purposeful mission to help others affected by this relatively unknown disease. Liz’s other greatest fight was in her career; against sexism, ageism and the stigma attached to being that ‘Grieving mother’. Liz has used those stereotypes to motivate her on her journey and give hope to other children and families globally who are also in the fight of their lives against this disease.

We sat down with Liz to chat about the work she has done and what’s next for her and the foundation.

The Stella Women Series Featuring Georgie Dent

tella was SO excited to speak to our incredible friend Georgie Dent, and introduce her as this month’s Stella Successful Women Series contributor for November. Georgie’s achievements go well beyond journalism and we must admit she has quite quickly become our go-to for all things empowerment when it comes to women and parental rights. Georgie Dent is a journalist, commentator and mum of three, her work has been published in The Financial Review, The Sydney Morning Herald and the Age, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, The Guardian and just to name a few. She has more than 30,000 followers between Twitter, Facebook & Instagram who enjoy her sharp and witty commentary on women, politics, health, money, family and everything in between.

The Stella Women Series Featuring Yelena Fairfax

Yelena Fairfax is the Editor and Founder of lifestyle website Husskie which focuses on the lives and career paths of social media influencers delving deep into their lives, beauty habits, fashion style and has an acute interest in bringing them from a curated image to life in real, relatable content. Yelena is also an extremely talented art director and photographer, and just a really great human. In December 2019, Husskie expanded to include Husskie The Label which includes Laid-back accessories adaptable for sandy days to evening sundowners. A #FriendofStella and a force to be reckoned with we couldn’t wait to sit down and chat about Yelenas rise from magazines to digital pages.


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