The Stella Women Series Featuring Liz Dawes

We want to be the first to welcome you to the April ‘Stella Women Series’ and introduce you to the incredible Liz Dawes, a passionate community leader and businesswoman who founded the Robert Conner Dawes foundation after she tragically lost her son Conner to brain cancer in 2013. Liz has turned the tragedy of losing her son Conner into her purposeful mission to help others affected by this relatively unknown disease. Liz’s other greatest fight was in her career; against sexism, ageism and the stigma attached to being that ‘Grieving mother’. Liz has used those stereotypes to motivate her on her journey and give hope to other children and families globally who are also in the fight of their lives against this disease.

We sat down with Liz to chat about the work she has done and what’s next for her and the foundation.


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