The Stella Expert Series: 5 Financial Commandments For Saving In Your Thirties Featuring Ladies Talk Money

Our CEO Sam White is a force to be reckoned with. She is a born leader who is driven and powered by a desire to fundamentally change the insurance industry for the better. She is currently the founder and CEO of five very successful businesses globally; Pukka Insure, Action 365, Freedom Brokers, umbrella company Freedom Services Group and most recently, Stella Insurance which makes her the perfect addition to our Stella Expert Series as our buisness expert. This month Sam shares with us her Top Tips For Conquering Major Hurdles When Starting Your Own Business.
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The Stella Women Series Featuring Jess and Chandel. The Powerhouse Duo Behind Ladies Talk Money

Traditionally, society has told women that money; the business of earning it, investing it, being in charge of it, and mastering it, is the domain of men. From investing to super, negotiating fair remuneration packages to simply talking about money, the world hasn’t acknowledged that women play an important part in financial conversations.

As a result, harmful gender stereotypes continue to flourish, wreaking havoc on women’s financial confidence and perpetuating a sexist status quo. And, with 8 in 10 women reporting they feel uncomfortable talking about money, Jess and Chandel from Ladies Talk Money thought it was well and truly time to ask: who benefits? Who benefits from our collective silence and discomfort? Who benefits from women having less knowledge, money and power? It certainly isn’t women…and frankly, Jess and Chandel have decided it’s time for women to get back in the driver’s seat and take control of their financial futures.


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