Car Insurance: Should Children With A Learner License Be Listed On Your Insurance Policy?

Their names are hard to keep straight, but they will keep you between the lines and even brake for you. And more tech is coming.

When buying a new car it’s easy to get bamboozled by so-called “specs”. There’s so much jargon it’s difficult to know what’s important: From cylinders, displacement, kilowatts, torque, transmission and cargo volume to turning circle. Throw in an array of acronyms — like ESC, ABS, AEB, LSS to BSM — and it’s no wonder many of us throw up our hands when purchasing a new vehicle, and say: “Whatevs. I’ll just buy the red car”.

It pays, however, to know your car’s safety features. They not only help you, the driver, survive a crash, but hopefully avoid one altogether.

So, here are some terms and tech you shouldn’t overlook when buying a new vehicle.

Interview: Driving Change With Shebah’s CEO George McEncore

‘Creating equality and equity in rideshare, like any industry, is multifaceted. We need safe communities and careful procedures to keep women safe while working. We need to champion the needs of families and kids. But solving the problem doesn’t stop there. Our whole world was built for men. One example people might not think of is there is a real challenge for drivers to meet safety standards while driving in CBDs. To find a safe place to stop a car that gets the women and or children close to their destination can be challenging for drivers. They need to meet standards of road safety and community safety. That becomes even more challenging when we think of getting a child or baby out of a car seat in the middle of the city. There are so many ways women need to navigate systems that just were not built for them.’ – George McEncore

Go Green! We’re Talking Sustainability And Cars

So, you’ve made it, you’ve given birth (congratulations) and now you’re in the new phase of parenthood… Sleep-deprived, washing baby vomit off your favourite jumpers and changing SO MANY NAPPIES.

Being a new parent is exhilarating, and while bringing you so much joy, it can also be terrifying at the same time. There is SO MUCH advice out there for new mums it’s hard to know where to start. A simple search of ‘parenting books’ on Amazon will give you over 60,000 results, sheesh, so much advice – which brings us back to our main thought, so much advice, so little time.

So, we thought we’d do the hard yards for you and compile a little list that will cover some of the topics you might be facing right now to save you time, and get you back to your baby that is bound to wake up any second now…


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